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All items described below may contain the combination of store returns & salvage merchandise and may contain some overstock merchandise, unless otherwise noted.

Call 1-800-297-6492 for more information!!! carries a full line of clearance merchandise, clothing and apparel, salvage merchandise, closeouts , surplus closeouts, department stores closeouts, department store returns and salvage truckload from the top department stores in America. Our prices are pennies on the wholesale dollar. CloseoutsCloseouts is made up of Salvage buyers, Salvage sellers, Salvage contract holders and Salvage Experts. We supply Brokers, Flea Market Vendors, Auctioneers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters, Distributors, Non-Profit Organizations and Surplus Stores.

We always have clearance clothing and department stores returns by the truckload, from our Warehouses around the US, available directly from the Department Store Reclamation Centers to you! The following list of merchandise will give you an idea of what we carry. We have Surplus Closeouts, department stores closeouts, overstock closeouts by the truckload, bulk salvage goods, store returns, closeout merchandise, salvage store returns and excess inventory.

CloseoutsCloseouts is your #1 liquidation supplier of surplus closeouts, clearance clothing, department stores closeouts, overstock closeout merchandise, bulk salvage goods, store returns, closeout merchandise and salvage store returns.

Give us a call! Once you find out what we have, you will love our selection of surplus closeouts, department stores closeouts, overstock clearance merchandise, bulk salvage goods, store returns, closeout merchandise and salvage store returns. We can put you on our email and fax list so you can be notified of our hot deals on a daily basis. We contract with the top department stores in the U.S. that supply us with these closeout and salvage merchandise.

We also export these special surplus and department stores closeouts, clearance clothing, overstock closeout merchandise and salvage store returns to all countries. Check out our Monthly Specials of all closeout salvage merchandise that we carry, and we can go ahead and assist you in your export needs to the country of your choice.

We are not brokers - we own all the salvage, closeouts merchandise that we offer to our clients. Many other brokers and suppliers that are offering the same merchandise, are actually buying from us. So, the way to save money and increase your profits is to buy direct from CloseoutsCloseouts, your #1 direct surplus and closeouts wholesaler.

If you buy your salvage merchandise directly from CloseoutsCloseouts, who actually has the salvage merchandise loads for you at much lower prices, you'll save all the intermediate costs. Why? Because we are a primary salvage source for other salvage suppliers and closeouts distributors throughout the U.S.A.

We are able to purchase closeout merchandise at the lowest prices possible and pass on the savings to you! Most of our clients are repeat customers because of our customer care and best pricing on salvage items. Shop around and compare: we will beat the price on any department store/supermarket salvage or surplus merchandise. Please call for details.

We don't cherry-pick our loads. We'll ship you the same loads we get directly from the Department Stores Reclamation Centers. This way you will increase your profits and still get the best loads for your money.

CloseoutsCloseouts will do everything in our power to promote your success. We look forward to having a long-term business relationship with you and your company. If you need more information or are looking for a particular clearance clothing item, please feel free to E-mail us at or call us at 1-800-297-6492 for a quote.

Policy is a worldwide distributor, Importer and exporter of Department salvage/Store Returns and Closeout Merchandise , offering closeouts , liquidation merchandise, salvage, overstock, surplus, and a whole lot more at pennies on the wholesale dollar!

We have been in the closeouts business for many years, supplying to Wholesalers, Exporters, Retailers, Auctioneers, EBay, Brokers, Flea Market Vendors and Closeout Distributors. We carry all types of merchandise from Major Department Stores and manufacturers in the USA, from apparel closeouts and liquidation domestics to surplus electronics and overstock toys . We sell by the pallet, by the lot, or by the truckload.

As a result of our tremendous buying power, we have had the capability to pass big savings to YOU! We look forward to doing business with you and keeping you as a valued, long-term customer. Before you buy, give us a try!

The Customer shall not advertise any purchased Merchandise using the Department Store name(s), which list set forth above may be amended from time to time by the Company on notice to the Customer.  The Customer agrees that all labels and tags denoting in any way the Department Stores or this marks or other identifying features, must  be removed.  Anyone found advertising or not removing labels or tags bearing department store name(s) may, among other things, be permanently barred from purchasing merchandise from the Company. Closeouts is in the business of selling salvage/store returns, Overstock, New Shelf-pull and closeout liquidation merchandise.

What does the word "SALVAGE/RETURNS MERCHANDISE" or "OVERSTOCK, NEW SHELF-PULLS AND CLOSEOUTS LIQUIDATION MERCHANDISE MEAN"? Buying Salvage/Returns is the cheapest way to buy anything. It may contain a mixture of some good, bad, unpackaged, items with missing parts, damaged and new merchandise. In other words the good, the bad and the ugly. We cannot guarantee that every salvage load that you buy from us will be a winner, but in most cases, they are. If you are not satisfied with the load we will do our best to make it up to you on your next purchase. We are the best at obtaining quality salvage loads out there, and we do care very much about our customer's needs. We go the extra length to satisfy.

Buying NEW SHELF-PULLS, OVERSTOCK AND CLOSEOUTS LIQUIDATION MERCHANDISE is the most sufficient way of buying in bulk/large quantities. These may contain new items shelf-pulls, overstock, out of season, and liquidated merchandise. Most of the loads are in perfect condition with the tags and labels, but some on the other hand may have a slight chance of being slightly damaged due to shipping or human error.

Condition of Merchandise: All Merchandise is salvage, store returns, or other similar second-hand merchandise, and is sold As Is with no warranties of any kind or guarantees of any kind expressed or implied.  All Merchandise is sold As Is, with no refunds, returns, credits or exchanges offered or given.  Loads may be sold as bulk loads (with no wholesale value, percentage or piece count given).  The Approximate value stated for Merchandise is merely a number that has been provided to us by its providers as an estimate only of wholesale or retail value at the time of purchase and in no way represents or guarantees that this is the true value of the products.

No representation is made as to packaging, style, selection, assortment, condition or seasonality of the Merchandise. The Department Stores shall and will not be held liable for any dissatisfaction with respect to the sale or quality of Merchandise.

Department store brand names: When it comes to the Department stores brand names, there will be a mixture of brands including private labels that the department stores carry. Do not expect only the top brand names. This is beyond our control.

Orders: All orders are subject to acceptance by The Company and prior sale of merchandise to other customers.  Such acceptance is conditioned upon Customer acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Shipping: The Customer will be held responsible for transportation costs from the distribution center(s) and/or warehouse(s).  All claims and/or shortages must also be submitted directly to the freight carrier. Make sure that you count the pallets and the shrink warp before singing and bill of lading. will not be held responsible for any errors made by you or the freight carrier.


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